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A good contractor knows the importance of doing a job properly from beginning to end, without cutting corners. Quality roofers use top-of-the-line materials when constructing their projects. Whether you choose asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, or a slate roof, there is a lot more that goes into the protection of your home than just the surface material. In order to prevent leakage, not only does the surface of your roof have to be secure, but also all of the areas where your roof meets another fixture on your home (such as a chimney) need to be adjoined properly.

The metal needed to join these different materials is called flashing. Flashing is a crucial part of all exterior work, especially for roofing and siding. It is applied in strips to areas where dissimilar materials meet and it is essential to keep your roof airtight and protected from water leaks.
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Flashing is just one of the materials used in the construction of a new roof. In addition to the flashing and surface material, quality roofers will use a type of building felt or some kind of protective layer underneath the surface material to provide additional protection against leaks and weathering.

Added Protection

A building felt is rolled on before the shingles are nailed into place. Different roof surfaces will require a different protective layering. In the case of a cedar roof, lengths of furring strips may be placed across the roof in order to increase circulation and allow the roof to breathe, preventing mould. Depending on the area in which you reside, extreme weather might pose other challenges in addition to simple water leaks. High winds or heavy snowstorms can be problematic for certain kinds of roofing surfaces. In these types of areas, a membrane called a snow and ice shield may also be laid across the roof for added protection. 


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